Perry Stone and the Rapture pt2

Ok so the video that I want to examine is called, “Perry Stone teaches on the 2nd Coming and the Rapture” posted by JesusIsComingRUReady.

This particular video is about 21 minutes long. But the first section of the video that I want to talk about are from the minutes 01:15 up to 2:55.

In this section perry stone doesn’t necessarily talk about the rapture but more about how things will look like and what will transpire during the end times. He compares Judges 6 to several chapters of Revelation.

I want you to understand the implications of what Perry Stone is doing here. This supposition that he begins with undermines every objection he has to the contrary.

The assumption that: what has been done in the past MUST happen in the future. In other words he is allegorizing the whole bible. This is nothing remotely “faithful” to the straightforwardness of the scripture than a postmillennialist allegorizing revelation chapter 20…

Perry Stone is accusing others of committing the very same error that he himself commits. And I believe this is a problem.

Stone ripped Judges 6 mercilessly out of its context and molded it into the context of John’s Revelation. As if John, that mysterious Jewish Christian, was completely unaware that his writings used terminology that is so closely similar to Old Testament terminology. And Here comes Perry Stone to enlighten our beloved yet clueless Saint John as to why he subconsciously did this. Obviously an act by the grace of God meticulously prepared for these modern Christians living in the Last Days!

Stone’s premise is that Judges Chapter 6 is nothing but a foreshadow of what is soon to happen. In other words, this nonfiction book describing historical events is none other than a hidden prophecy waiting to be “literally” fulfilled.

I don’t even know what to call this form of Hermeneutics. But I’ll describe it. It is the methodology of turning every dot and tittle of scripture into some form of yet-to-be-fulfilled prophetic utterance. Everything. Isaiah 66:6 is not a bible verse but a reference to the mark of the beast and a future prophecy to be fulfilled concerning the mark! (Chapter 66 verse 6 put together, minus the colon equals 666! Oh no!)

This is my first issue with Perry Stone’s video. And I would have loved his stories if only it was not utterly destroying the ethical and moral fabric of our Christian brothers and sisters. Some Christians will say, “we are not perfect, we don’t know everything, lets not point fingers at our anointed teachers, they are all we have, and at least they are doing something!” I don’t care how sinful, imperfect, depraved and erratic we are as human beings, this nonsense has to stop. How far does false doctrine have to go in order for us to stand up and say “up to here and no more?”

Does a little Russian girl need to be utterly scared to death so much so that she believes she was left behind and decides to take her life instead of going through the nightmare and horror stories that she was taught to believe in???

Oh wait but she’s Russian, predecessor of that infamous army of the North that will rage war against Jesus Christ as he sits as the socialistic dictator in the Third Temple of Jerusalem of the New World Order, aka, the Thousand Year Reign.

And all this would be laughable if it was not the very idealistic model on which Adolph Hitler based his manifesto. You might even say, tongue in cheek, that Hitler wanted to be like “Christ”. When we step back we can remotely say that Hitler really was influenced by Christian Doctrine. But then we must reexamine and ask, is this doctrine Godly and life transforming, or demonic with the goal of inciting the wicked pride that lies deep within a human being?

Ideally we all want to be like Christ, but do we want to be like the Humble Servant or the Honorable Savior ruling with a rod of Iron?

But I digress…

One cannot be so ignorant as to fail to realize the level of poison inherent in these doctrines being taught. Either Ignorance or willfully confusing the masses. I don’t believe its the former, and I will do my best to expose the latter.

Next i’ll go over the 7 points comparing Judges 6 to Daniel and Revelation. Amazing use of the imagination, it would make for great fictional stories like all the Left behind series, unfortunately it is being taught as official orthodox doctrine and vital to the faith. This I will not, and cannot tolerate.


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