White Death

Death is one of those complicated topics in Christianity. There is an orthodox way of viewing the topic and there’s the heretical way. In my studies of Scripture, and life experiences, I came to the following conclusion. I guess in time I’ll see on which camp these ideas fall into.

Personally I believe that the ending of Life has plenty to do with the beginning of life. Things don’t just end. But when they do, its never actually the same. At least that’s how I see it. Take the butterfly for example. From a larva to a caterpillar to a butterfly. Sometimes I believe God was trying to tell us something.

Think about the process starting from when you were forming in your mothers womb. Who knows what kind of life we lived in there, but when mother’s water broke, that existence died and we entered a new one. I consider this the first baptism.

After which we live as we do currently. Some of us go through some life experiences that change our entire lives, for the better or for the worse. I call these types of experiences the second baptism. A deeply spiritual experience that puts our old selves to death and we emerge as some new creation.

Then finally I firmly believe that physical death is the Third and final baptism. Just as I don’t know life is like inside a womb, I don’t necessarily know what life will be like after this one. But just because I don’t know, I can’t act like there isn’t anything to know.

And just as the doctors wore white when I was born, and white was worn when I was baptized as a Christian, I want everyone to wear white at the final one. None of the first two were occasions for mourning, neither shall this last one be. This is what I call the white death.


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