Psychological Reversal

I recently had a conversation with my boss that reminded me of something I read about a year or two years ago. I never paid much mind to it because it seemed a bit foolish and unbiblical at the time. I figured it had some truth to it because I always thought that the individual was his or her worst enemy. But the truth of the concept didn’t really hit me until recently. My boss told me, “you know, I just don’t understand you. When I look at you I see this person ready for greatness. A person who can be successful, where all you have to do is put your mind to it. And you also talk so much about how great God is and all the good God can do through people. But your words do not match your actions. It doesn’t make sense? All your theories fall to the ground in light of your practice. You practice a lifestyle of self defeat and pessimism. I almost was interested in Christianity until I observed how you practice what you preached. I noticed that you do not practice what you preach at all. Instead you live totally different than your words. Almost as if you intentionally do the complete opposite of what you try to teach us. And it’s, sorry to say, tremendously wicked. Doesn’t it seem wicked to you? You know what’s right but you choose not to do it! And when you decide to do something, you do it without confidence in yourself and accept failure as of its a personal right and duty. I believe that God sees you as someone greater than what you make yourself out to seem. Does He not? I’m not really Christian, but still. I don’t understand it.”

Well he didn’t say it exactly like this. I paraphrased with added notes. But it finally hit me. I’m living my life in what I learned was called Psychological Reversal. My thoughts, that is my writings, and the things that go on in my mind, the “esoteric” part of my life, is lived one way. While my actions, that is my walk, the decisions that I make, the “exoteric” part of my life, is lived in an opposite way. What I then need is what is called Psychological Alignment. But before I can properly align myself, I have to understand what caused the reversal in the first place.

Normally people will assume it is religion. A web search on Psychological reversal (PR) reveals that many religious traditions are fashioned in a way to impose itself on the individual so that the individual will submit and follow its rules. This produces fear in the individual and the person relinquishes his or her power to the religious tradition. The loss of authority over ones own life leads to a reversal within the individual that pits his or her thoughts against his or her actions resulting in self-defeating sociopathic lifestyles. So some people’s solution is to take back your power by breaking out of the mold that religious traditions placed you in.

I disagree. I disagree with the idea of taking back your power. The reason being is that God gave us authority through Jesus Christ. In other words, power and Authority is not ours to take. The proposed solution only moves the individual from one pit, right into the other. I asked myself, “why do people relinquish their power in the first place?” I realized that this is a natural tendency for all humans. The solution is not about stopping this, the solution is understanding who to give it too.

Some of us make idols out of our religious traditions. Our authority does not belong to that. Some of us make idols out of our constitutional government, our authority doesn’t belong to that either. Once we learn who our false idols are, and then we learn who the True God is, only then can we begin the process of psychological alignment. In other words the answer is not in ourselves, or else taking back our power and authority would solve everything. No, the answer is placing our power and authority in something, more specifically someone, who can do something about it.

For me personally, it is Jesus Christ. For you, well in time you will realize who it is. My boss helped me to realize that I forsook Jesus. I left Him some where in the dust, and the cause of my PR was due to me letting go of the one who was always sustaining me.


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