Withdrawal syndrome

Every time a month starts on a Saturday or Sunday I decide to make some changes in my life. This June started on Saturday, so I decided to stop writing in Facebook and start writing in my blog site. Only three days have passed and I find myself staring at the Facebook icon on my phone. I even scrolled through my newsfeed for a quick fix, thinking if I don’t post a status about what I just saw then its not considered facebooking! I guess Facebook has become some sort of muse for me. Whenever I have a thinkers block, I simply scroll through Facebook and all of a sudden my entire day is filled with massive amounts of information to think about and contemplate. But I’m starting to see how much of a crutch Facebook has turned out to be for me. I can’t simply stare at a blank page and think about something to write. Or sit with someone and simply talk about something without drawing out topics from my Facebook newsfeed. It’s almost as if I don’t have a brain of my own, but that Facebook is my brain and the only things I reflect on are those particular topics and stories that appear on my feed. Now that I’m looking at myself from an objective standpoint, I have to say this is pretty sad. This sounds like it will be, or already is, hazardous to my ability to communicate. When something becomes too easy it tends to weaken the person. There’s a time to depend on something, and there’s a time to put in that effort to be independent. As far as communication goes, it’s time to free myself from this crutch for a while.


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