God is Backwards Compatible

Let me put it this way. There is the individual being, and there is his or her way of being. Think of it as Hardware and Software. There is also God-being, and the way that God is. (Hardware and Software.)

Lets say God is a Bluray Player (Hardware) and His actions, abilities, attitudes etc is His Bluray discs (Software). Lets say humans are DVD Players and their actions, abilities attitudes are their Dvd discs (Software.)

It is possible for BluRay Players to insert Dvd Discs and start playing them without any problems. However, it is impossible for Dvd Players to insert Blu-ray Discs…

In other words, since God is in a higher state of being, In the Blu-Ray stage, (or even higher), It is not a problem for God to use Human actions, abilities and attitudes. However, It is close to impossible for Humans to exhibit Godly actions, abilities and attitudes.

“What about Jesus” you ask? Here is the paradox: Jesus was not a Human trying to be God… Jesus was God contained in a Human, for the purpose of teaching Humans how to be better Humans.

But then some might argue, “How can Jesus be a.. Playstation 3, and yet exist before a Playstation 1 even existed???”

Of course people who aren’t used to creating find it difficult to understand. But it’s simple. Every creator, developer, maker, builder all have a final “product” in mind. Sometimes many other steps are needed for this final product to come about. Even so before the first version or the first image is created, the Original Idea is the reason why the first version even came into existence!

This type of reasoning is called Hierarchy. God is up there, we are down here, and we would be wise to take note of the difference.

Some hate this idea of hierarchy and would prefer to do away with it as something barbaric and archaic. Some think of hierarchy and envision women suffering and racism.. But like I always say, “stop throwing the baby out with the bathwater…”

Others might add that back in Eden we had Eternal “Blu-ray player” hardware and when we sinned we didn’t “downgrade” to Temporal Dvd Player components, instead our “blu-ray” reading feature was disabled (to continue using my analogy,) and all one has to do is gain knowledge, or do some rituals or works or meditation to “reactivate” that feature.

I disagree. If it is a “feature” we have to turn on, then Only God has control. But I think its more than some “feature” on the software side. I think it’s the entire hardware that has been changed. The most that we can do is be “Upconverting DVD players.” I also believe that “being born of the Spirit” has something to do with a change in the hardware side and not just the software..


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