An Alcoholic and A Solution

Someone told a Drunk man “Hey I have a solution to your drinking problem. You should stop drinking.” The Drunk man shot back, “What? Stop drinking? that’s an old, obsolete, and out of date solution! Everywhere I go there’s liquor, someone always has a drink ready for me, I spend money on beer every day! I need a better solution than some narrow-minded dude telling me to stop drinking! Sorry buddy that ancient rule doesn’t apply to my current life of constant drunkedness!!”

What’s funny is that a lot of people act this way. If I told them I have the solution for the problems that we are facing in this nation, they will react like this drunkard. They will tell me that my solution is “old, obsolete, and out of date”, and that my rules won’t apply to these modern times.

Our nation is sick, Girls under 17 barter their bodies for attention. Boys are addicted to pornography and eventually they are going to force themselves on the real thing. Our leaders mismanage our money, and welfare is like throwing your money into a blackhole. We are sick, we need healing. If I told you that “Jesus Christ can heal you of your sickness,” it almost seems like people scoff back and say, “Ok, I’ll let Jesus Heal me of my sickness, if he lets me remain sick for the rest of my life.”

Does that make sense to you? Because it doesn’t make sense to me. Ahhh but see, there’s deception going on. Did you spot it? Let me rephrase the sick man’s reply and put you in perspective:

“I’ll let Jesus heal me of my PHYSICAL sickness, if He lets me remain SPIRITUALLY Sick for the rest of my life!”

Makes sense now. When you think of sickness you’re thinking from the perspective of your physical eyes and what they see. When the bible speaks about sickness it is speaking from the perspective of the Spirit, a realm that is mysteriously unseen.

But the two are not separate. Society believes that if God heals their bodies THEN they’ll “praise him in spirit and in truth.” But deep down inside a person will not, even if God did heal them. Instead God works the other way around. Before you can even expect a healing for your body you have to deal with the problem that’s profoundly and discretely lodged within your very spirit. Then and only then can you even dare to ask for a physical blessing. Even if you don’t get that blessing you should be fulled with tremendous joy, because the problem in your spirit has been taken cared of. That’s a reason to celebrate, in sickness and in health. This is what you call praising God “In Spirit and in Truth”.

So When you look to Jesus as the Solution, You have to let His words Penetrate Your Body, starting from the ears, through the eyes, out your voice, then it penetrates your Soul, starting with the heart, through the mind, out your actions, and finally it Penetrates your spirit as He shouts with a loud voice: GO AND SIN NO MORE. If the word of God does not strike you this deeply within the essence of your being, then you do not believe He is the solution.

“Well, I want to know God First and THEN I’ll think about following his teachings.” They say. And it’s a typical answer. Isn’t it? Isn’t that what the media tells us to do? “Well, I’ll have sex with her first, and THEN I’ll think about marrying the girl.” We really think we can cheat God, and when everything comes crashing down we want to finally admit how wrong we are to play with God. Don’t let it get to that point. Don’t wait until your dead to tell God you’ll live for him now. For “People die once, and after that they are judged.” (Hebrews 9:27)


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