Music Theory, Rules, Religion

As I was brushing up on some Music Theory, someone said something interesting:

“It might be worth reflecting on what music theory is and what it isn’t. Music theory comes after music and not before it. It’s not a set of rules we have to observe. It is an attempt to rationalise and explain the enormously complex world of sound patterns that we get in western music… Formal music theory will always be several steps behind what musicians want to play today. It’s not so much that it’s wrong, it’s just kind of out of date.”

As I read this, I decided to apply it to Religion, like always. I realized that Religion, like Music Theory, comes after Life and not before it. This is why people constantly say “It’s a Relationship, not a Religion.” Because we know that Religion doesn’t create life, and there are no rules that will make God bow down to us. Instead, Religion is an attempt to rationalize and explain this enormously complex world we call Life. Religion is suppose to explain life.

Your explanation for life is your Religion.

But As we mature, we realize that Religion falls short and doesn’t explain the new lessons that we may encounter. Something happens that seems to break the rules we personally live by. Same goes with Music Theory, a Musician encounters a melody or chord progression that steps outside of the Scale. What now? The rules are broken, but the song still sounds good, Is Music Theory useless then? A Musician knows that if he wants to create great music he has to “step outside” of the box. It gives his song life. People may despise him for ruining the hard work in following Music Theory, the problem is theory only defines what already is, not what it could be.

What the scoffers don’t realize is that technically, everything is “inside”, it just depends on how you perceive it. You stepped out of one box, only to step into a new bigger box. And eventually that one too, becomes old and dies out. We need a box to make sense of life, but we are not to stay in it. Seeds were made to sprout, Eggs were made to Hatch. As time goes the mind grows. Clearly God doesn’t like to be put in a little box, and from what I have learned He’s a master at shaking things up.

Listen, LIFE can’t be contained; it’s creator made it that way. Don’t you get it? Let me repeat: Seeds were made to sprout, Eggs were made to Hatch, and Death is not the end. Thanks to Jesus Christ, everything makes sense. As a matter of fact, Death shall be destroyed (1 Corinthians 15:36; Revelation 20:14) along with every person who believes that Death is their personal savior. Change the Way you Think, get your mind right before it’s too late. Let’s stop bowing down with fear and reverence to what’s only temporary and grab a hold of eternal Life. It’s the only thing that makes sense. If you disagree, it’s time for you to start thinking “outside the box” for a change…

Personally the ONLY religion that allows this kind of spiritual growth is Christianity. Look at Jesus Christ. From the Word, To Wisdom, to Light, to Faith, to Law, to Promise, to Birth, to Life, to Way, to Suffering, to Burial, to Resurrection, to Truth, To be continued! It’s the greatest journey you can ever be a part of, and no other religion compares.. Christianity is not a religion. It just Is.


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