Day Three: Gimmel


Gimmel seems to represent an image of a man in motion. The root of the word seems to mean blessing or benefit. Like someone running to Give and bless another. It also represents Camel, and back in ancient times a man with a camel was considered to be prosperous. Aleph having no sound could represent Mind. Bet could represent a Beating heart. When the two are at one accord they produce Gimmel which represents Will/strength. It’s also interesting that Glory, Grace, and Green start with the sound of this Third letter. Even more, Aleph is like the breath of God, and Bet is Earth, his dwelling place, Gimmel will then be the result of God’s Presence accepted with reverence in this world, setting things in motion, provision, Charity. Jesus Christ Said, if he didn’t go then the Comforter couldn’t come. We have the Invisible Father (Aleph) Dwelling within the Visible Son (Bet) paving the way for the Holy Spirit (Gimmel). But just as Gimmel runs to bless, he also represents Justice, Judgement and the Avenger of blood (Go’el Haddam), part of his success is thanks to him taking action to set things straight, either through charity, or through Justice. These are just the many renderings of what the Third Letter may mean.

Psalm 119:17-24

17 Treat me with kindness, Lord, so that I may live and do what you say.
18 Open my mind and let me discover the wonders of your Law.
19 I live here as a stranger. Don’t keep me from knowing your commands.
20 What I want most of all and at all times is to honor your laws.
21 You punish those boastful, worthless nobodies who turn from your commands.
22 Don’t let them sneer and insult me for following you.
23 I keep thinking about your teachings, Lord, even if rulers plot against me.
24 Your laws are my greatest joy! I follow their advice.

Leviticus 10:1-10

This book is one of the most difficult to sit through and read. All the rules regulations and rituals, and how serious God was about his holiness. In this particular story no one is barred from the consequences of disgracing God’s presence. These priests thought they could do what ever they wanted just because they were priests. Then fire consumed them. Their clothes were still on them interestingly enough. In other words, it doesn’t matter how “well dressed you are”, if there’s corruption in your heart while you minister for the lord, and before the people, you put God in a position where he’s obligated to clean house and preserve his glory. His Glory is like fire, it exalts a pure open heart but purges and burns down a heart covered by a veil of sin. Moses said the people could mourn for what happened, but the priests better not even throw on one grain of ash, why? because the priests KNEW BETTER.

Lamentations 3:31-48

Lamentations is like a sad song about the consequences of sin, and how the singer will return to the lord and wait on him. The singer, most likely Jeremiah says that Both Good and Bad happen at the command of the Lord. Some people will take this and think God is bad and punishes people. However if we carefully read his law God has made it all plain and simple as to what will bring blessings and what will bring curses. All we have to do is listen to his word and we’ll be safe. Jeremiah sings about his leaders who have trampled on their prisoners, and violated the rights of others. God saw these things, these people are his representatives and they are disrespecting other human beings. God’s glory are over their heads but they are living like wicked men. It’s a spiritual principle for hypocrisy to cause self-destruction. This happens because sin creates a dark cloud that makes prayers difficult to penetrate and reach God.

2 Corinthians 3:7-18

Reading the Old Covenant is never complete until you read it with New Covenant eyes. As Paul says, everything that we read in Leviticus and the sad songs of Lamentations reveals a law filled with a Fading Glory that defines Death. But now we have a new Glory that defines Life. Everyone who reads the Old Covenant with the Veil over their minds find it difficult to shake of the Death that is emphasized. It’s only when they choose to turn to the Lord, the Spirit of Truth, will that veil be removed. The Glory that is Revealed by this New Covenant is everlasting, it doesn’t fade. It brings liberation from the burden of Death. We died to our past lives and found life in Christ. Why should I ever go back to the old me and put on the veil of selfish desires in order to chase after temporary pleasures? Don’t I know that God’s presence will eventually destroy Sin and whoever is tagging along with it? If you find yourself in sin, it’s not too late to turn to Christ and Chase after Life.


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