Aleph Tav — Jesus’ Signature

Powerful stuff.

King David

Aleph Tav — Jesus' Signature

Two Sundays ago, I saw a car bumper sticker with “Aleph Tav” characters on the back car bumper on my way to church.

It was so cool!!

Not many people recognizes Hebrew, much less knows the real meaning of Aleph Tav, the first letter and last letter of the Hebrew alphabet; In English, Aleph Tav would be like letter A and Z or Alpha and Omega in ancient Greek. (Hebrew read from right to left)

So what does Aleph Tav means or stands for?

Actually, Aleph Tav does not mean anything in particular in the ordinary sense. However, it was strangely peppered throughout the Bible. For ages during Old Testament times, people and even scholars were stumped and were clueless by presence of “Aleph Tav”.

For example, the very first verse in the Bible in Genesis 1.1, it is generally translated as: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

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