If P And Not P Equals Q, Then What?

Let “P” represent Certain thoughts, Let “Q” represent Regretful Actions. Through experience I learned that If “P” then “Q” and If “Not P” then “Q”. In other words, as long as “P” is in the equation, whether its directly or indirectly, “Q” will always be the result. “P” and “Not P” equals “Q”. That’s just the way it is, and I’m not sure why.

For some reason our brains don’t process negatives. You can tell yourself NO NO NO NO over and over about Certain Thoughts (“Not P”) and you STILL will do them and feel bad (“Q”). So then what equals “Not Q”? How do you Avoid those regretful Actions? The answer is easy.

Anything that is literally not “P”. Take “P” completely out of the equation and focus on something else like “R” or “S”. Work harder at doing something different, not in trying to “Not” Do some of the same things..

Stopping and saying “no” is the first step. But sometimes we get stuck there. We stop, but our vision hasn’t changed, so eventually we start walking down that same road. The Mind is saying “No”, but the body is saying “Yes”.

The Other step that people don’t really mention is Turning around and going a different direction. Now you will be consumed by a new vision. You’re so busy on this new vision that you don’t have time to think about the old vision. Your mind said “No” and you are so absolutely sure about that “No”, that your body has to react, make an about face, and finally walk towards the new vision to confirm that “No.”

This is not Milk. So if you understand, great.


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