One Guy’s Religion. and My Response.

Your Religious Views embodies your “Religion”, Believe it or not. And when you tell me what to “believe” you’re forcing that religion down my throat. But it’s ok. Because Truth will win that battle. You seek truth, so do I. You have views, so do I. You do the same thing that I do, only difference is that you deny your religion, while I stand by mine.

Someone said

“Religion tells you that you’re sh*t, you’re full of evil, you’re a terrible person, and if you don’t surrender your free will and independence to someone who died a few millenia ago, you’re going to burn in hell for all eternity. Can you not see how horrifying this mindset is? It forces you to tie your entire self-worth to the church, and mindlessly follow everything they tell you without question – to let “Jesus” control your thoughts and actions because you’re not responsible enough to do it yourself. “Whatever good now comes out of me isn’t of me at all” – that right there is terrifying, if only for the inverse – if whatever good that comes out of you isn’t your doing, neither is the bad. I simply can’t abide this. I am my own person – I am not controlled by the devil, Jesus, nor anyone else, and I am not evil or sinful for saying so.”

::VENT ON:: Excuse me?? you are completely wrong.. No one is righteous no matter how many times you say it.. it’s not WHAT you do, but WHY you do WHAT you do that matters. and without Christ, all our efforts to be “righteous” is FUTILE.

and just because I admit there is “wickedness” in me, doesn’t mean God doesn’t have the power to transform me, and make me a “new man”. I can now stand before his Pure Holy Presence, Because of this man named Jesus. I’ve been justified through him. and my actions impact the Spiritual realm because of Him.

I don’t understand what the problem is.. I guess you can’t fully grasp the Power of Christ to transform an individual..

we don’t give ourselves to some “CHURCH”!!!

please… I don’t know why you keep talking about blind faith and “mindlessly follow … without question”.

A Christian is CERTAIN of what he or she believes, and is CERTAIN of who JESUS CHRIST IS.

(We give ourselves to one GOD. so that he can make us new!)

The Bible is OPEN FOR ALL TO SEE AND READ. It doesn’t hide anything.. If I wanted to create a religion I would definitely do everything I can to HIDE all the offensive parts!!

But the Road to Truth is narrow, not everyone can pass through it..

CHRIST is the one who changed me! liberated me! gave me authority over thoughts and actions that dishonor HIM, Dishonor MYSELF and Dishonor OTHER PEOPLE.

ONLY CHRIST!! Jesus is God. Not just someone “who died a few millenia ago”. But Resurrected in Full POWER and GLORY and is Alive and REAL. and Dwells in the Midst of those who seek Him in Spirit and in Truth. Whats so difficult to understand?

We can believe in spirits, and ghosts, and Dark AURAS,

but when it comes to Jesus.. “well he’s just some nobody who people turned into a legend..”

Time for us to wake up.. You really have no idea what you’re talking about.

SIN = That which separates you from the presence of God.
Hell = An Afterlife away from the Presence of Eternal Love.

It’s really simple.

A Good person believes he is a sinner,
A Sinner believes he is a good person.

::VENT OFF:: Goodnight. Jeremiah mode. Gotta go pray..


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