Christ Ressurrected, what happens to the Law?

The whole Law of Moses/Law of Jesus debate seems like it will never end. When will all Christians finally come to one accord and agree on one message? This Lady once told me, “we are not really following Yeshua (Jesus) If we keep calling Him by a foreign name and fail to follow the commands he followed (Laws of Moses).” So she doesn’t celebrate birthdays because Jesus didn’t.

While others say “Well we are not really Christians if we continue following the Laws of Moses when Jesus fulfilled the laws and summed it up with Love by dying on the cross and resurrecting to new Life with a new covenant.”

It’s like this will never end. Both sides are plausible. There is nothing wrong with the Christian Proselyte, nor the Christian Gentile. So I am here praying to God. “GOD PLEASE HELP US COME TO AN AGREEMENT! HELP US UNITE UNDER ONE! UNDER TRUTH! UNDER YOU!!!”

Then a friend says:

“Why would God make a law and judge us by it…. Then give His Son to die for us to cleanse us so we could be made right…. To just say hey guys you know what… forget the law.. I just wanted to let you know.. I made a mistake. Does that sounds like a Godlike decision? Does that sound like our God? Maybe a false idol but not my God. Not God. Im not going to conform God to my will I want to conform to His because without Him id be forever lost. Shalom my feelings are scripture influenced.”

Who can argue with this? Jesus Christ was crucified, buried, and resurrected to liberate us from the burden of the written Law! OK, So now what? What do we do with this Law? What happens to the Law? do we just throw it away? Do we go against it? What now?

So I was listening to my friend and debating within myself. “Lord, he’s right, you don’t make mistakes. He’s right, without the law we will become lawless. He’s right, you never change and there must be a reason for this law of Moses in the life of the Christian…”

Then God told me. “Oh Ye of Little Faith.” Huh?

What came next kinda hurt me because I don’t want to offend my friend, but I was inspired to reply:

“How about this way… What if God made a law to prepare the way for us to better know him. Then Gave his Son to die for us to destroy the bondage of sin and death that satan had over all of humanity. Then he tells us ‘hey guys.. forget the law.. The Shell is no longer needed because the Chicken hatched out healthy and alive…’ Then he tells us ‘But if you guys want to take the principles of the shell and remember it, and learn from it.. then go ahead.. but understand that what the Chicken says, goes… and I will not require anything of the shell in order to show favor or make you qualified. It’s purposes are fulfilled..'”

I started to laugh.. Cuz God is funny, why would he inspire me to write about chickens.. I still laugh about it.. Anyway I reread what I wrote and that is exactly what the Apostles have been expressing through out the New Testament writings.

Wow. “It’s purposes are fulfilled.” I don’t know about you but those words lifted a heavy burden off my shoulders. I’m a Christian, not by what I do. I am a Christian by who I am.

I asked God why the analogy of A Chicken within a Shell? and He explained to my spirit that the shell was just a part of a process for something much more greater, which is the Kingdom of Heaven. If that Shell never hatched, God’s purposes with man would not manifest itself. and the Cracking of that shell was the Dying of His Only begotten Son and the Renting of the Veil that separates us from the Holy of Holies.

Basically, going back to the OLD LAW is like the Chicken’s hatching was in vain. Such a thing hurts God, for us to make him feel like the Death of His Son isn’t as significant as he says it is.

I’m so passionate about this because if it’s important to God it HAS to be important to me!

The Shell doesn’t give life.. instead the shell teaches you about death and transgressions and how we are so imperfect that we need God. It is the one who fulfilled the purpose of that shell that we are to look too.

Once you understand the profound significance and power of Jesus Christ. Nothing else matters. Then we can look back at the shadow and see them through clear and opened eyes.

I’m a bit sad to see that we constantly fight and say that God never changes God never changes, and yet.. We can clearly see throughout scripture that God works differently with people who are on different levels.

I have to ask those who say God never Changes: “how do you feel about God completely destroying the earth when the Lord returns? It sounds like you guys will be really upset and will complain to God ‘why would you make us on this earth to tend and to toil just for you to come and destroy it and create a new heaven and new earth?'”

Then God will tell you. “I am eternal, and I am Living. Living things move. To Moses I showed him my back, people couldn’t just walk into my presence. Now Through Jesus I have revealed my face and people can come talk to me whenever they want. I don’t Change I still Am That I Am, however you are not at my level and I have to work with you and train you and develop you to get to my level. But the rules change every step of the way. Once you no longer need a sippy cup for milk, I teach you how to pour milk in a glass and eat better foods. Did I change because I told you to throw away the sippy cup? No. I Still Am That I Am.”


2 thoughts on “Christ Ressurrected, what happens to the Law?

  1. Gina Believes

    This is what I have been trying to say….altho not as elegant as the chicken and the shell….the veil of flesh is torn from top to bottom….making possible for all who believe to enter into the inner courts…into a personal relationship with Yahweh/God…The flesh profits nothing, it is the Spirit that gives life and this life IS IN CHRIST….in heavenly places ….with the mind of Christ …and the faith of Christ. How wonderful is our God/Yahweh….He has reconciled us back to Himself, by Himself and now has commissioned us to GO and TELL all that HE has done….
    You have stated it well…blessings to you in the Name of the LORD JESUS CHRIST/Yahshua our Messiah…

    1. wiseup85 Post author

      Thank you Gina for you reply. I know enough to say that I don’t know everything. But the moment I decided to forget my natural knoweldge of things and just get to know Christ alone. All of a sudden you get hit with truth from left to right lol. It’s amazing, all glory to our Lord and savior who saved me from my self-righteousness.


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