My Take On Evolution

Evolution is one of those topics we don’t want to get into because we are not “knowledgeable” enough to give our opinions. But I’m going to attempt to any way. First I will start with a little story.

There was a man who was given a task. They gave him this huge block of rock and they told him to make something out of it. After hours of thinking, he picked up his tools and started chiseling away. No one knew what he was making exactly. But bit by bit they started making out what was slowly being revealed. An elbow here, a knee there, a chest over here, some toes over there. Eventually the project is finished and we have to our amazement the Statue of Young David.

Now I want everyone to understand that when it comes to creation, the created things that we see around us can not possibly be created on their own. Lets imagine that the artist of this statue, Michelangelo, had no idea what he wanted to make. He just took his tools and started beating on the rock. He just blindly chiseled away for hours without a goal or purpose.

This right here is at the heart of Evolution. It’s difficult to fathom that a force by chance and circumstance turned a chaotic world into an orderly world and if you pay close attention, you will notice that the order of things are slowly moving back to chaos.

Michelangelo had to first formulate a thought, and envision the purpose of this rock before it is even created. Then pick up his tools to bring into manifestation this Vision or Idea. Just because we see this man using his tools to make something and we, through speculation, have no idea what he is making, doesn’t mean that he had no idea.

We can say that The speculator would then praise the tools for making contact with the rock and bringing forth this wonderful masterpiece. But It was not so. We credit Michelangelo for it’s creation. It was Michelangelo who picked up his tools and produced this work through INTELLIGENCE. Hence, the concept of Intelligent Design.

If I apply this to life, from a theist perspective, I see evolution as a mere TOOL for fine tuning God’s creation. We obviously see something working on us, yet that is not our creator. There must be something else holding these “tools” that shape us and mold us both spiritually and physically.

Evolution, like money and like tools, is amoral. The question I ask you is WHAT is Motivating these tools? WHO is on the drivers seat? Is it Nothingness, Chance, Darkness? Or is it Intelligence, Purpose, God? This is the core issue of the debate. and I pray we find wisdom on our journey to truth.


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