Sabbath Observance

Jesus Christ didn’t come to Abolish the Law, but to Fulfill it. In other words we STILL OBSERVE THE SABBATH WHEN WE BELIEVE IN JESUS. WE Christians Observe the Sabbath in Spirit. and If we don’t believe in Jesus, like the Jews, then the sabbath must literally be observed as a law.

When people started getting killed for Observing Saturday and not Sunday. Thats when we have to start questioning what the heck is going on.

OK listen.. I don’t want to offend anyone.. But I gotta clear some stuff up.. If any of you are Catholics, I apologize in advance. What I’m about to say would get me killed most likely by Ignatius himself (someone who wanted to die by being devoured by wild beasts… You have to wonder about these people…)

Ignatius is also credited with using the term “Katholikos” or Catholics. (The Spirit of Antichrist at it’s infancy..)

The Problem is not that we MUST observe the Sabbath. Some observe the Sabbath and do no work.. Some Consider Every Day Holy Unto God. But NOTHING is mentioned about Sunday. that Observance is FOREIGN to our FOREFATHERS.

Why? Because Sunday was the day PAGANS Worshiped their gods. And GOD was STRICT about BEING SET APART.

The Sabbath is a “SIGN” for God’s People. It is a Seal. You can Observe the Sabbath or Not. But what we MUST do is REMEMBER it. So then what is the PROBLEM??? The Problem is that Ever Since Ignatius, there has been an APOSTASY or FALLING AWAY with the SOLE Purpose of ERADICATING the Jews/Israelites/People of God.

The Bible is perfectly clear that we are NOT to curse the jews. EVEN THOUGH they crucified Jesus. Even BALAAM who was PAID to curse Israel was supernaturally FORCED to bless them!!!

So what is the underlying issue? That if SATURDAY IS A SIGN/MARK/SEAL of God. then Guess what SUNDAY is??? It’s a cheap fabrication of a Sign/Mark/Seal… not of God but of Something else.

You have to understand that the Falling Away is utter and bitter hatred toward Jews. Get this: The Jews Crucified Jesus because he claimed he Was God. In This Case they were WRONG.

But a Time is coming when the Same thing is going to happen. Someone is going to claim to be GOD and guess who are going to REJECT SUCH A CLAIM WITH ALL THEIR HEART MIND AND SOUL?

The Jews. the TRUE JEWS. The ones who know that NO IDOL not even a Living Human Being should be called GOD.

For this reason Jesus is a Stumbling Block. It’s only the FATHER in Heaven that will reveal the true nature of Jesus to the Jews. This will separate the Jews in name and the Jews in Spirit.

Now you know why ALL through out history there was the DOCTRINE OF BALAAM to get rid of the jews. They are the hinderance for the SUCCESSOR of CHRIST to Take the THRONE of Christ and be allowed to call himself GOD like Jesus Did.

I wish ya could see what I see..

When I learned this I realized that God has the Jews here still on earth for a reason. and To God belongs all the Glory. and He still loves his People.

Here’s the great Deception. We have been waiting around until the mark of the beast arrives and it’s been in our faces all our lives. That literal mark of the beast will come. There are two forms of everything, spiritual and physical..

But that mark will only be received by anyone who willfully commits a blasphemous confession in order to save their own lives.

If you disagree with anything I wrote here please feel free to message me directly and I will do my best to explain with whatever resources I have.

p.s. I’m no one… I’m still rereading my post and learning things myself!! the main thing that sticks out to me, in my own post, is the Doctrine of Balaam. If you read the story in the Old testament and then you read about it in Revelations, then compare it to History.. it’s like the answer has always been there and we overlooked it..

It’s funny that Catholics looked to Peter as their successor Yet besides Judas, Peter was the mostly rebuked Apostle of them all if you count Pauls rebukes.. It makes you wonder..

Peter cuts off the soldiers ear and then Jesus Himself heals the man! as if he’s trying to tell all of those who are zealous for God after Jesus.. that PHYSICAL HARM IS NOT THE WAY OF LOVE.

I don’t  know what happened to the teachings of the NICOLAITANS that they were a people who forced others through fights and overpowering others to convert believers. They did whatever it took to bring conversions.

Then we have Jezebel..

There’s a reason for Jesus Christ HATING these teachings. and Theres a reason why they are so hidden and obscure.


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