What is Love

I get hyped when I find old poetry lol. I wrote this on December 4th 2003.

What is Love?
Love is Just, Love is Wise, Love will Correct you
Love is not partial, Love is not seen, Love will not reject you
Love is Humble, Love is Meek, Love is Kind…
Love will take your past mistakes and leave it all behind
Love penetrates through frozen Hearts
And heals the ones that broke a part
Love hates to be divided, it waits to be united..
Love is a gift that’s easily misused
Love becomes a curse when it’s spiritually abused
The Opposite of Love, is Selfish Love; the Love of Self
Pride and greed. Where you dare to care Not for your neighbors Health
The Love of Flesh, the Love of Dust
Looking at one another with Nothing more than burning Lust
Listen! That is not What love’s about!
Always preached So why Are we still filled with doubts?
Love is not physical, Love is Spiritual, it will always be and always was
Love is not for some, It can’t be hidden, its for you, for them, for us.
Love conquers over evil, Love shines with all its Might
Love Is the Dawn that rises At the fall of the Darkest Night!

2 thoughts on “What is Love

    1. wiseup85 Post author

      Thank you I was inspired in part by 1 Corinthians 13. Jesus Christ was not about saying “I love you.” Jesus Christ was about “Let me show you what the greatest love is..” (John 3:16)


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