In the Name of Light. In the Name of Red, Yellow, Blue.

I had a strange dream. I was reading Colossians and I woke up with this phrase in my mind. “Jesus Christ is not just the Second person of the trinity.” Then in my dream I saw how this Light took on flesh and the flesh was like a prism that spread the light out into a sevenfold spectrum. In my dream I zoomed in to See Three Main colors: Red, Yellow, Blue. Then I heard that these three are the Three Dimensions of Life and the Three exist as one.

Then I asked “So how is it that Jesus is the fullness of the Godhead and not just the “second Color”? And then I heard that Jesus Christ is how God chose to reveal himself. Jesus is the Head of All Three Dimensions. The Realm of the Father, or the Primary Source of All things. The Realm of the Son, or all things that are made and the manifestations of the material things. and Finally the Realm of the Spirit, or the final stage that all of life will lead into. That’s why “In the Name of Jesus” is just as authoritative as “In the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.”

The angels dwell in the Third Realm and that is how they are able to teach sorcery, witchcraft and tell the future. When some of the Angels sinned by abusing of the knowledge that dwell in the realms, they got bumped into the Second Realm, the Material World. They lost access to Both the First and Third Realms. I still didn’t understand what I was being shown. Then I saw a little kid drawing, in the drawing someone was holding a flashlight. Then I was asked, “what color do you think he will color that light?” Then I saw him pick up the Yellow Crayon.

Then I understood why We focus so much on Jesus Christ, the “Second Person” or the Middle part of the Triple Primary Colors, Yellow. But in reality Jesus Christ is the FULLNESS OF THE GODHEAD IN BODILY FORM. He is Roy G. Biv. Jesus Christ = Father, Son, Holy Spirit. Then I understood Colossians 2:9 (GW) “All of God lives in Christ’s body, and God has made you complete in Christ. Christ is in charge of every ruler and authority.”

When Jesus Christ resurrected he returned to his Original State. He went from Yellow, to Light. When He was Yellow, or A human here on earth, he distinguished between The Father (Red) and the Spirit (Blue) and the Son of Man (Yellow). Then When he returned to His Throne in full Glory, the Three Colors do not just Merge, (creating a mushy brown color,) but He returned to his Original State of Being. The Light of the World, the Lord of Lords and King of Kings, the Fulfillment of the Prophets.


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