Gifts of the Magi

Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh

I was thinking about the three gifts that the Magi gave Baby Jesus.. Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh. These three gifts bring out three very profound truths that these Magi knew about Jesus. His Kingship: Gold. His Priesthood: Frankincense. His Sacrifice: Myrrh. Why I say that Myrrh is his Sacrifice? Because Myrrh is the embalming oil used on dead bodies. It persevered dead bodies so that they can remain whole. The Egyptians believed that Myrrh gave the dead everlasting life. It was also used to heal wounds and used for medical treatment. These Magi had an idea of the significance of Jesus Death before Jesus even had the chance to speak. If there was no death, there would be no reason for Myrrh. These gifts can also be the physical gifts of what Jesus would give to the world spiritually. Gold is a currency that is understood by every single nation in this world. Jesus is the Gold that will give value to all those who cling to Him. The Prayers given up to God is like a sweet smelling aroma, and Jesus is the Mediator between man and God. He is the Frankincense interceding for our souls. Myrrh is a bitter herb that not only heals our wounds but preserves our bodies. Jesus is the Myrrh that gives us everlasting life.


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