My 2012 Christmas List

Well, Since my Christmas didn’t go quite the way I wanted, I realized I missed one important aspect for it’s success.. That darn christmas list.. soooo I decided to write my own list starting today and change it along as time progresses. I try really hard not to ask anyone for anything, hopefully once a year won’t be that selfish 😀


1. I want to create a study room with walls full of shelves. I’ve seen those in movies so I want one too. Therefore if nothing comes to mind when you think of Adonis, then the first thing should be a book. What kind of book? Something that would teach me something new, something inspirational, something philosophical, something educational, something I would want to go back too over and over. Reference. Technical like building a computer, or building a website. Or even about managing money or managing life. I think I’m pretty broad. Even an Arabic-English Dictionary would be something I’ll appreciate. Books Books Books.


2. If you didn’t know, I love music. I know basic piano, basic drums, basic guitar. If I had my own instrument that would be so awesome. If you really really really want me OFF OF FACEBOOK get me an instrument. Trust me. It’ll work. And since I love learning, and I love books, getting me something that will refresh my memory of the principles of chord construction, or the rudiments of drumming, or Music Theory, then you just hit two birds with one stone.


3. Gift Cards Gift Cards Gift Cards. you can never go wrong with a Gift Card.


4. Cologne. I would hate to wear the same odor everyday.


5. Shoes. Please remember that I don’t have a car and I will destroy them. so ask yourself “would I walk miles in these shoes?” If you won’t then I wont lol.


6. Jeans, Shirts, Sweaters. If I don’t like it I will donate it, so please don’t be offended. Atleast you gave me the gift of being able to give to others, without having to give others all my old busted worn and torn junk in my closet. So I consider that a plus. My fashion sense kinda changes with the weather. But I rather have choices of things to wear than no choice at all..


7. Christian Music. If it’s christian I want it. Um.. Except for Country. *shivers* I’m sorry, I try and I try but I just can not listen to it. It’s just not my cup of tea. I can listen to Classical music, I can listen to Jazz. Just not Country, don’t ask me why.


Well Ok I kinda started this list with this HUGE idea of things I wanted.. but now I realized that it’s not much lol. I will definitely be improving this list. but for now, I think ya get the idea.


Ya all got a year. Go.


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