Meaning of Isa

Jesus, What does the name mean? Where does it come from? If we traveled back in time to 33 A.D. And called out “JESUS!” None of his disciples or the people around him would recognize who you are calling. Of course Jesus himself would know. Because the language of God is not a specific language. The language of God is the heart. His words and sentences are constructed by the blood. Think about the information that is stored in a single strand of the DNA of blood. It does not matter where you are from, how you look, or the way you speak, every single individual on this entire planet, past, present and future have this one thing in common: a heart that pumps blood. A heart that beats fast when it’s nervous and beats slow when it’s relaxed. A heart that has life. That is God’s language, the heart is something God knows very well. When God speaks you may not hear Him Audibly, but the blood in your veins tremble at his voice! This is what people feel when they say “I feel God’s presence in this place.” It is God speaking, angels singing, and your body responding to the Creator’s voice.


So don’t get it confused and feel like all of life doesn’t make sense because the modern word “Jesus” Didn’t exist in Jesus’ Time. Don’t feel like you will be rejected in heaven just because you use the name Jesus. The truth is God knows your heart. But since we don’t want to live in ignorance, lets examine the name Jesus anyway. Maybe we’ll learn something in the process.


Some of you may know that Jesus is the English form of the Latin “IESUS” which is the Latin form of the Greek “IESOU”, Which is the Greek form of the Hebrew “YESHU’A” Which is the Shortened Hebrew form of the Full Hebrew “YEHOSHU’A”. YEH from the Name of God YHWH and OSHU Meaning Save or Help. In English Jesus doesn’t have a meaning, In Latin it also means nothing and in Greek once again it’s just a group of letters. However All these languages are simply a translation of the Original. And Originally the Name has a very deep meaning. It is a meaning that Moses gave to Oshea Son of Nun. Oshea (Hosua) Meant “He Saves” But Moses decided to call him YEH-Oshua Meaning God is Who saves. So when Mary and Joseph both were told by an Angel to name their child YEHOSHUA they understood right away the implications of what such a name meant.


We should also understand that the same word looked differently when written depending on how it was used, simply because the sound of the word changed depending on how it was used in a sentence. So in Greek Iesou became Iesoun or Iesous depending on what was going on in the sentence. However early English translators decided to spell a name one certain way as to not confuse the readers. IESUS and later Jesus was the name that stuck.


With this in mind I would like to look into the name ISA which is found in the Qur’an. According to this book ISA is the name of Jesus. In the Qur’an, Muslims are taught that the Qur’an is only correct when it is read and studied in Arabic. Any other language would be a corruption of this Holy Book. But then I’m confronted with an issue when I bump into the name “Isa”. I may be wrong but Isa doesn’t mean anything in Arabic. As a matter of fact Isa is not an Arabic word at all. It is a Transliteration of a Transliteration of a Translation. It seems like Mohammad heard this name being used to describe Jesus and thats what he used. The Correct Name of course would be the Arabic way of saying “God Is Who Saves” And this should have been easy because both Hebrew and Arabic are both semantic languages. In other words Mohammad didn’t have to go to the English, Latin, or even Greek versions of anything if he is to tell Muslims that the Qur’an is written in the true language of Allah (Arabic)!


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